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What do I offer?

Business Origination

I am permanently on the road, knocking on doors, keeping my eyes open and my ear to the ground to identify opportunities for your company.


Contacts from Scratch

I develop contacts from scratch, making sure you can talk direct to reliable partners and decision makers, helping you to build long-term relationships.

Market Analysis

Market Analysis

I analyse markets and provide business intelligence from the ground. We work together to expand your international presence, preparing the ground for your parachute drop in a particular market.


Venture Capital

In the case of start-ups and exporting companies, you could benefit from my extensive network of venture investors and financial institutions to raise capital or financing for your expansion plans.

How do I work?


I engage at CEO level to understand the medium to long-term strategy of your company and its presence in international markets. I then liaise, virtually or in-house, with your sales department to gain an in-depth understanding of the products and services that your company provides and I spend time with them on the marketing strategy for the countries that I am going to visit in the next stage. I then hit the ground.

I typically spend 2-3 months in each continent, basing myself in cities that make sense from a business perspective and moving around from them. I start feeding your company valuable information and contacts from the field, generating business intelligence reports and introducing your company to potential customers through personal meetings.

When the opportunity is originated, I closely follow-up in coordination with your team and, if needed, I assist in the negotiation process until the deal is done. Once you have closed a deal, that new customer is yours, you take care of it and I move on to find a new one.

Who am I?

A seasoned professional with over 15 years of international experience in banking, journalism, marketing and logistics.


A former banker with 10 years at top financial institutions in London and Madrid. A business originator for investment funds and family offices in different locations.


A well-travelled road warrior with sales experience and contacts all over the world.


A journalist and blogger with good communication skills.


An unflinching straight talker who has spent many months in conflict zones, often building strong relationships with both sides.

Why should we work together?


New Markets

Whether you are a start-up, a medium-sized exporting company, an investment fund or an institution I can be of help in identifying business opportunities for your company and preparing the ground for your success in new markets.


Digital Nomad

As a digital nomad, I offer your company the possibility of benefiting from my itinerant presence in different locations without your having to meet hefty travel expenses before even knowing if there is a real business opportunity.


Company Compass

Thanks to my international background and experience working on all continents, I can deploy my ability to move around and my extensive network in several different sectors, serving as the compass your company needs in order to hit the ground running.

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